MacBook Pro with Retina display — WOW

Brand Spanking New :

Whilst this looks like an amazing laptop there are some things you need to consider when buying this unit. This model doesn’t allow too many updates after purchase. RAM, for instance, is now locked to the configuration that you purchase. The battery also is not user serviceable and so can only be replaced at a service centre.

Speed, speed, speed: all configurations of the Retina display MacBook Pro now come with quad-core Intel i7 processors, which definitely helps you get through your work and get onto other things more efficiently than ever.

Also, while we love the idea of the Retina Display with its 2880×1800 resolution, some applications may not be able to use that resolution just yet. So in the interim, you may get some blurry images on your shiny new MacBook Pro.

The colour geeks here at Team Digital are keen to measure the colour gamut and put this little speedster through its paces. Our Retina unit should be arriving soon. Check the blog regularly updates.

Interfaces — the nice and fast USB 3.0 and amazingly fast Thunderbolt ports (2 of them) make the MacBook Pro with Retina display no slouch indeed, however if you want to connect to a wired network don’t forget you’ll need a Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet adapter. Another welcome addition is the HDMI port. This makes connecting your laptop to HD and SD flat screen TVs or HDMI equipped projectors a breeze.

On a positive note €”for those who need more mobility €”the new MacBook Pro Retina has been taking Zhumba classes. It comes in at a very lean 2.02kg and a slender 1.8cm profile.