Windex method 
You need ammonia based Windex mixed with distilled water at a ratio of one part Windex to nine parts water.
You will need  a Chux cloth and some foil. The foil stops the dissolved ink from getting on to the platen. 


Now that we have the Solution, Chux and Foil sorted, we need to get the print head into position.
The process is as follows:
Shut down the printer via the power button as usual. 
Then power up the printer as usual and when you see the head move over, open the front cover. 
The head will then stop in that position. 
With the front cover open, power down the printer and disconnect it from the mains.  
You can now move the printer head into any position along the platen.
Fold the Chux so it’s about three layers then soak it with the solution, put the foil underneath the Chux and slide the head over the top of the Chux and foil. 
Leave for about 2-3 hours. 
Slide head back to remove the Chux, close the front cover, turn the mains back on and power up the printer. Commence a standard head clean.         


Now pray to the printer gods!!