Manfrotto LL LR60SNPGRD22 Snapgrid Rapid Skylite 60De 2m 60 degree 2x2m


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Available on back-order

Providing an additional layer of control for the Manfrotto Skylite Rapid light shaping system, this Manfrotto Skylite 2x2m SNAPGRID serves to control the direction of light by focusing the beam into a narrower pattern. Constructed from durable, high-quality technical fabrics, the elastic corners and hook-and-loop fasteners ensure the grid is evenly distributed and and sag-free. Due to its ultralight and compact design, the 2x2m grid folds into the included carry case for a size of just 33 x 9.4″ and weighs only 4.8 lb.

Skylite Rapid System
The Manfrotto Skylite Rapid System is a range of lightweight professional light control tools designed to bounce, diffuse, shape, and block light. The panels are available in various sizes ranging from 1.1×1.1m to 3x3m and can be handheld or supported on stands. They feature a rapid-assembly aluminium frame with interchangeable clip-on covers. This range of light control products are useful for shooting photo or video either in the studio or on location and present a lightweight, portable, and versatile solution for content creators.

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Weight5.04 kg
Dimensions24 × 84 × 10 cm