Nanlite FC-60B Bi-colour LED spotlight


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Nanlite introduces two new members to the FC family: the compact and bi-color spotlights FC-60B and FC-120B. They inherit Nanlite’s DNA in point source lighting – lightweight, high output, and seamlessly blending aesthetics, highlighting their design. The additional USB-PD powering port offers users more flexibility in powering the lights. Combining a wide selection of FM-mount accessories, the FC-60B and FC-120B are truly mobile solutions for all creators shooting video or photos, in studio or on-the-go. Together with the larger FC-300B and FC-500B, they form the complete FC family of affordable high-performance LED lights with style.

The Nanlite FC-60B is an ultracompact and lightweight bi-color LED spotlight that runs on batteries, powerbanks, or AC and delivers a remarkable amount of highly accurate light (3027 lux, 281 fc @1M bare bulb 5600K) while offering a versatile array of control methods: onboard, Bluetooth, 2.4G, and DMX/RDM. It’s easy to pick up and start using for complete beginners, yet also provides advanced functionality for experienced creators. A latching hard-foam case is included that holds the FC-60B, AC power adapter, 45° mini-reflector, battery handgrip, and Bowens-Mount adapter.

Value, Power, and Quality
The FC-60B provides the same high-quality light, control options, and advanced functions as our top-of-the-line Forza series. The FC-Series are more affordable because they’re constructed with rugged composite plastics, where Forza is made with metal and carbon fiber. The FC-60B is a top-tier light at an entry-level price that delivers an impressively punchy amount of output for its mini size.

Create Anywhere
An AC adapter is included to run the FC-60B continuously, and a handgrip is included to operate on two NP-F batteries (sold separately). The handgrip can be handheld, rested upright on surfaces, mounted on stands, and it fits into the included case. A compatible V-Mount handgrip and a D-Tap cable are sold separately. A USB-C port on the FC-60B allows you to run on powerbanks and chargers that support PD 3.0 and 2.0 (30W or higher). When it comes to power, FC-60B is all about versatility and convenience.

Bi-Color Accuracy
Quickly adjust the color temperature from 2700K-6500K with a dedicated knob to blend with other light and achieve different looks, from warm indoor tones to daylight. Like all Nanlite fixtures, the FC-60B delivers flicker-free performance and high color accuracy with an SSI of 82 (3200K) and 74 (5600K), TCI of average 96 and TLCI of average 98. FC-60B features a glass-protected COB light source to ensure a longer product lifecycle.

Four Control Options
Control dimming, CCT, effects and more with two easy-to-use knobs, buttons, and a rear-facing screen. Control with your phone or tablet through Bluetooth and the free NANLINK app. Want to use your mobile devices for something else? No problem, control with the WS-RC-C2 Handheld Remote (sold separately) through built-in 2.4G. A locking metal DMX/RDM port is provided for advanced control, and the USB-C port can power DMX receivers (sold separately).

Small Mount, Big Ecosystem
One of the reasons the FC-60B can be so compact is that it has the FM Mount. The nicely constructed 45° Mini Reflector utilizes this mount, and provides smooth, even light while increasing the output to 10790 lux, 1002 fc @1M 5600K. There are many compact light modifiers available for FM Mount that are also lightweight, like the FL-11 Fresnel, FMM softboxes, and PJ-FMM Projection Attachments (all sold separately). The included Bowens adapter opens up a world of light-modifier compatibility. There’s even an integrated umbrella mount.

Hollywood Connections
The FC-60B may be an entry-level light, but it shares a direct family lineage with higher-end Forza and Nanlux fixtures that are used constantly by major movie makers and elite professional photographers. Learn how to control the FC-60B with the NANLINK app and the same method applies to controlling industry-leading instruments like the Nanlux 2400B.



  • FC-60B Bi-Color LED Spotlight
  • AC Power Supply
  • AC Power Cable
  • BT-BG-FZ60 NP-F Battery Grip
  • RF-FMM-45-S 45° Mini-Reflector
  • AS-BA-FMM Bowens-Mount Adapter
  • Hard-Foam Carrying Case
  • User Manual
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty


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