Kupo 080AC Stackable 240cm Air Cushioned Click Stand


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Available on back-order

4 Way Stackable light stands

The KUPO 080AC is a 240cm stackable light stand which will revolutionise the way you carry your light stands. Compact and able to click together with intelligent mechanism interlocking allows you to attach to another click stand in one motion. The unique 4-way interlocking system allows you to fasten stands together easily, for compact storage and transportation.

Lightweight and compact, these 080AC stands are perfect for shooting outdoors or to move easily around in a small studio. The built-in air damper prevents damage to your lights by cushioning the column on release.


Dimension: 8-foot rack Midi Click stand, knee 2, section 3, the diameter of 1 '' 7/8 '', 3/4 ''
The diameter of the leg: 3/4 ''
Material – aluminum
Min Height: 89cm
Max Height: 243.84cm
Weight: 1.3kg
Diameter: 109cm
Max Load: 5kg

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