Pelican 1605AIR With Dividers With Wheels/With Dividers BLACK


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This iteration of the black Pelican 1605AirWD Hard Carry Case is designed for you to maximize its available space while providing customized protection for your valuable gear. You get the lined 1605 case with a padded insert and a set of long and short dividers that offers protection and organization for your gear. The dividers can be configured to your needs using simple touch-fasteners.

Pelican 1605AirNF Hard Carry Case with Liner, No Insert (Black)
Built for strength and portability, the black Pelican 1605AirNF Hard Carry Case is designed to be dustproof, fully watertight, and crushproof to protect your valuable gear against the harshest handling, shipping, and environmental conditions on the planet. This edition of the 1605Air comes lined, but without foam or other inserts, allowing you the freedom to completely customize the 26 x 14 x 8.4″ interior to your specific needs and to your specific gear.

Your case is made of a super-light proprietary HPX2 polymer, with honeycomb structural elements, which is up to 40% lighter than most other Pelican polymers. Five newly designed dual push-button latches, arrayed on three sides of the case, provide ease-of-use versus previous iterations, and clamp the lid tight to keep dust, dirt, and water out. Case design features include an O-ring that seals it to an IP67-rating to be dust and waterproof, dual 5/16″ (8mm) diameter stainless steel reinforced padlock holes, and a pressure relief valve. This valve regulates the internal pressure, keeping your gear and the case from getting crushed and allowing you to open the case without having to break a tough pressurized seal that may develop. A polycarbonate card holder may be placed on the front or side of the case.

Pelican Padded Divider Set for 1605 Air Case
Simply drop this Pelican Padded Divider Set into your 1605 Air Case to protect and organize all the gear you need to bring with you. Multiple divider sizes allow you to fully customize the interior of your case for as little or as big a space as you need, and simple touch fastener connections let you quickly change the configuration when you change your kit. The yellow interior and padded dividers make the compartments bright, so you’ll find your gear fast and easy. Four straps ensure nothing falls out or jumps across compartments. This is the ideal solution for photographers who need to carry multiple camera bodies, lenses, flashes, and other accessories. Drone flyers can fit a drone, blades, batteries, charger, and controller.

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