SmallRig NP-F970 Battery and Charger Kit 3823


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Available on back-order

Power any video camera, LED light, or monitor that uses Sony NP-F-type batteries with this NP-F970 Dual-Battery and Charger Kit from SmallRig. Equipped with a fully decoded chip, the NP-F970 battery can be used with a multitude of Sony cameras without causing pop-up windows or any incompatibility issues and is the exact size as the original Sony model. Dual fast charging allows you to charge both batteries simultaneously and separately to keep working with one as the other battery recharges, using the digital LCD screen readout for real-time charging status.

Charging can be done using a USB adapter, car charger, or power bank, as the charger comes with micro-USB and USB-C interfaces, with the latter supporting a 9V, 2A input. Battery capacity is rated at 7800mAh, 7.2V, 56.16Wh.

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