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Set up your rig for shoulder-mounted handheld shots with this Basic Shoulder Mount Kit from SmallRig. This durable shoulder mount is designed to stabilize your camera, provide comfort for long shooting days, and minimize rotation when shooting video with your DSLR, mirrorless, or small camera. It includes a baseplate with a 15mm rod clamp, two 12″ long 15mm rods, a shoulder pad, and a dual handgrip kit.

The baseplate mounts your camera using its 1/4″-20 mounting screws and features a 15mm rod clamp, both helping support your small camera. The 1/4″-20 threads allow you to mount accessories or can easily convert to a tripod setup if needed. The dual handgrip kit assists with balance and comfort using its two 360° rotatable handgrips that mount onto the rods with a 15mm rod clamp. The 15mm LWS universal rod system allows you to customize your rig with accessories such as lights, monitors, microphones, wireless gear, or a follow focus.

SmallRig Basic Shoulder Pad with 15mm LWS Rod Clamp
Add a soft shoulder pad to your 15mm LWS camera rig for a small camera with this Basic Shoulder Pad with 15mm LWS Rod Clamp from SmallRig. The shoulder pad provides handheld comfort for a wide range of DSLR, mirrorless, and other small cameras, and it weighs only 6.7 oz, so it won’t add much load to your rig.

The 15mm LWS rod clamp can be front- or rear-mounted onto your existing rig with 15mm LWS rods, there are multiple 1/4″-20 accessory threads on the clamp, and it mounts your camera or baseplate using multiple 1/4″-20 mounting threads. The basic pad is made from EVA plastic filled with a foam sponge material, and the clamp and mounting platform are made from durable aluminum.

SmallRig 15mm Aluminum Rod (Pair, Black, 12″)
Lightweight yet durable, this pair of 12″ black 15mm Aluminum Rods from SmallRig is designed for mounting accessories on your camera rig.
Integrated 12mm threads on each end enable you to lengthen the rods using separately available extensions.

SmallRig Basic Shoulder Rig Handle Kit with 15mm Rod Block
Add a set of handgrips to your shoulder rig with this Basic Shoulder Rig Handle Kit with 15mm Rod Block from SmallRig. The kit features a 15mm rod block that attaches to an 11.8″ crossbar, and the two rubber handles attach to either end. The lightweight kit weighs just under 1 lb, so it won’t add very much weight to your rig.

The handles slide onto the crossbar, adjustable for the best placement, and they’re tightened with locking thumbscrews. The handgrips are lined with a textured rubber that provides a solid, comfortable grip. The 15mm rod block provides mounting onto a separately available standard 15mm LWS rods, which are tightened with locking thumbscrews.

SmallRig Compact Camera Baseplate with 15mm LWS Rod Clamp
Add a baseplate to your cinema camera with this Compact Camera Baseplate with 15mm LWS Rod Clamp from SmallRig. The baseplate provides multiple mounting threads on the base for mounting on a variety of plates and rigs, and it also features 15mm LWS rod support and 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 camera mounting screws. The plate is contoured to fit with shoulder pads while also remaining lightweight.

This solid baseplate features rubber padding on top of the plate to prevent twisting and scratching. The dual 15mm LWS rod clamp fastens separately available rods with easy-to-use thumb-lever locks, and it allows you to mount optional accessories such as a lens support, a matte box, or follow focus motors onto your rig.


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