SmallRig Shoulder Rig Handle Kit 2002F


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Add comfort and stability to your shoulder rig with this adjustable SmallRig Shoulder Rig Handle Kit. This lightweight aluminum kit consists of two rubber handgrips with rosette mounts, two “dogbone” rosette arms with multiple 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 mounting threads, and a rosette 15mm dual-rod clamp to mount onto any standard 15mm LWS rod system.

Each piece connects via ARRI-style rosettes that rotate 360° for maximum flexibility. The rosette joints tighten with black locking levers.

SmallRig 15mm Rod Clamp with ARRI-Style Rosettes
Mount handgrips and accessories onto your rig with this 15mm Rod Clamp with ARRI-Style Rosettes from SmallRig. The aluminum and stainless steel rod clamp features two standard 15mm rod ports with a red center locking knob and two ARRI-style rosettes with M6 threads on either end.

The rosettes are set at a 15° tilt angle to mount extension arms and handgrips in a more natural position, and the rosettes allow 360° rotation of your arms or accessories.

SmallRig Extension Arm with ARRI Rosette
The SmallRig Extension Arm with ARRI Rosette allows you to extend and reposition handgrips with ARRI-compatible rosette mounting. This rosette extends your grip by 3.88″ and can be oriented 360°. It features one male M6 threaded stud at one end and a female M6 threaded hole at the other. Made from aluminum alloy and stainless steel, this machined extension arm is lightweight, durable, and finished to have an elegant appearance.

SmallRig Handgrip with ARRI-Style Rosette (Textured Rubber)
Add a rubber handgrip to your cage or rig with this Handgrip with ARRI-Style Rosette from SmallRig. This textured rubber handgrip offers a solid, comfortable grip with durable aluminum mounting. It attaches to a cage or rig via an ARRI-style rosette with an M6 screw that can rotate 360°. The handgrip also includes a built-in shoe mount for additional accessories.

Cage or rig with an ARRI-style rosette with M6 screw

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