Hire Terms and Conditions


“Customer” refers to the person, company or establishment renting the equipment from Team Digital; “TD” refers to Team Digital the owner of the equipment. Acceptance of the equipment by the Customer or the Customer’s agent, implies total acceptance of these terms and conditions which cannot be changed, in part or whole, by any representative of Team Digital, express or


The available rental periods are defined as follows:

Day: A period of 24 hours (or part thereof) from the time the equipment leaves TD on the first day, terminating at the same time the following day. This is the shortest rental period available.

Weekend: The period between 4pm on a Friday up to 10am on the following Monday.

Week: A seven-day period commencing from the time the equipment leaves TD, terminating on the same time and day of the following week.

Month: A four-week period that terminates at the same time and day four weeks in advance.


Rental charges commence from the time and date the equipment leaves TD’s premises and only terminates when it is received back at TD’s premises. Should a Customer fail to return the equipment by the return date, an additional rental charge will be payable at the daily rental rate applicable to the equipment concerned, for each day or part thereof that the equipment remains overdue.


Non-Account Customers – All equipment is rented against a security deposit of $500, which must be in the form of an acceptable bank credit card.

Account Customers – All rental charges will be invoiced to the Customers account at the time the equipment is collected from TD’s premises.

The Customer’s signature on the Rental Agreement confirms acceptance of these charges.


The Customer shall be responsible for the repair costs that result from damage to the equipment that occurs whilst in the Customer’s possession.

Provided the damage did not occur as a result of abuse, misuse or gross negligence on the part of the Customer, then the Customer’s responsibility shall be limited to a maximum of $500. In the event that the damage was due to negligence on the part of the Customer and the equipment is deemed irreparable, the Customer shall be responsible for the the full repair cost up to a maximum of the replacement cost of the equipment. The estimated cost of any repairs and other associated costs shall be deducted firstly from the security deposit at the time the equipment is returned. Any additional costs over and above the amount of the security deposit will be payable by the Customer within seven days of TD rendering a tax invoice for the same.


In the event that the Customer fails to return the equipment to TD for any reason, the Customer shall be immediately liable for the full replacement cost of the unreturned equipment. It is important that the Customer carefully checks equipment & accessories listed on the rental invoice, including caps, covers, cables etc, as the Customer shall be responsible for the cost to replace any items not returned.


The Hirer acknowledge that by booking the hire equipment in advance the hirer is entering into a contract with Team Digital to rent the equipment for the dates and at the rates specified. The hirer acknowledges that by reserving the equipment for the benefit of the hirer Team Digital may be precluded from renting the equipment to an alternative customer. The Hirer agrees that cancellation of a hire contract with three days of commencement of the hire contract shall render the Hirer liable for 50% of the contracted hire price at Team Digital’s discretion.


TD rental equipment is maintained in accredited workshops and the equipment is regularly tested for proper functionality. TD cannot accept responsibility for breakdowns that may occur while equipment is in the possession of the Customer. Further it is agreed between TD and the Customer that TD shall not be held liable for any loss, consequential or otherwise that may be suffered by the Customer as a result of non-performance or malfunction of the equipment.


TD will endeavour to ensure that every firm rental booking is honoured on time.

Availability of rental equipment however depends on the prompt return of equipment in full working order by all Customers.

Forward bookings are accepted on this understanding and TD is unable to accept liability, consequential or otherwise, for any delays in the availability of rental equipment as a result of equipment not being returned on time or being returned in non‐working order. TD’s Rental equipment remains the property of TD at all times and cannot be pledged, loaned, rehired, deposited with, or sold to a third party.