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Epson UltraChrome DG Ink was developed for Direct To Garment (DTG) printing. Its primary application is for customisation and value-adding on T-shirts, Polo shirts, jeans and sweats. It can also be used for a range of merchandise and décor production applications including tote bags, tea towels, pillow slips, cushions, etc. It can further be used for customisation on specialty items such as caps, hats and shoes (please consult with your dealer on suitability and sourcing of appropriate platens). The ink adheres best to fabric with a moderate-loose weave and high cotton content. It will also work with a range of alternative natural, man-made, and mixed fibre fabrics, however results will vary with customers strongly recommended to perform print and wash durability testing prior to commencement of production. It should further be noted that ink will generally not adhere to fabric that has a very fine weave, an extremely smooth finish, or has been treated with a water or dirt repellent.

Epson DG Ink supports imaging on the widest range of fabrics. CYMK variants impregnate well while suffering minimal bleed. They feature a wide Gamut and high dMax for output with superior colour and image intensity. After printing the ink must be fixed in a heat press. Once fixed it produces a finish with a low tack feel that is tough and durable, with good UV/Wash resistance. Inks ship in a choice of cartridge sizes to suit different production volume and cost per print requirements. All feature a formulation that is Diethylene Glycol-free for safe operation in a variety of environments without the need for special handling or ventilation.

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