Epson Ink 700ml Lk Cart (P60/70/80/90) New


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The previous ink cartridges used in this printer have been superseded by new models due to necessary design and manufacturing changes.

You may notice an increase in the amount of ink remaining in the new cartridges when the “Ink cartridge is expended” message appears and the cartridge is removed. This increase is normal and part of the necessary changes. It ensures your printer operation remains consistent and reliable. As a result, varying levels of ink could remain in each cartridge. The price of the new cartridges has been reduced to reflect this change.

Customers will still benefit from the same high quality and high reliability of Epson genuine ink, which is not impacted by the change.

It is important that you update your printer firmware to the latest version before inserting the new cartridges for the first time. For details on the update process click here. See here for a step-by-step video guide on how to update the firmware.

If you have inadvertently installed the new cartridge type without updating firmware, click here.

For more information click here.

Both the old and new cartridges are currently available and able to be used; however, firmware must be updated to use the new cartridges.

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