Leofoto PL-150 150mm Anti-Twist Flange Arca Plate


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Available on back-order

Leofoto’s PL-150 and PL-200 series lens arcs style plates have been designed for maximum versatility to offer a secure fit on any large lens foot. These plates should work with 99% of lenses and cameras. Featuring a standard UNC 1/4″ and 3/8″ screw to connect to the lens, which can be moved to various positions along the plate. Any amount of screws can be removed and more or other screws can be added. A modular anti-twist flange can be positioned against the lens foot to prevent twisting on the plate, but can also be removed/lowered if in the way and has removable safety-stop screws.

• Material: Aluminium
• Total Length: 150mm
• Rail Width: 38mm
• Rail Thickness: 10mm
• Weight: 83g

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Dimensions4 × 15 × 1 cm