Leofoto LQ-365C Mr.Q Series 5 Section Tripod with LH-47 Ball Head


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Leofoto Mr.Q series LQ-365C carbon tripod with LH-47 ball head

The Leofoto LQ-365C carbon tripod is part of the versatile Leofoto Mr.Q tripod series. The LQ-365C has five leg sections and when using the removable center column it reaches a maximum working height of 193cm. In contrast, the minimum working height of this tripod is only 19cm, which is fine for working low to the ground. Despite its light weight of only 1.65 kilograms, it has a carrying capacity of 15 kilograms. The LQ-365C tripod comes with an LH-47 ball head, a multifunctional center column and several useful accessories.

The 10-layer woven carbon makes the LQ-365C tripod strong, while including the ball head it remains lightweight at only 1.65 kilograms. In addition, the 3rd generation carbon weave pattern gives the tripod a robust and striking appearance. On the side of tripod platform is a 3/8-inch and ¼-inch thread to expand the tripod with a magic arm or other accessory. All Leofoto tripods, Leofoto LQ-365C is no exception, come with a 10-year warranty.

Included center column

The Leofoto Mr. Q tripod has a removable tripod plate with a diameter of 56 mm. On this tripod plate you can mount the LH-47 ballhead. It is also possible to remove the plate and place the supplied center column in the vacant space. Placing the center column takes only a few seconds and no tools are needed. You can adjust the height of the center column with the silver butterfly nut with rubber anti-slip strips. The center column (⌀ 28mm) is 31cm long and provides the hefty maximum height. This makes the tripod widely applicable in the field of studio photography, landscape photography and even macro photography.

Features of the Leofoto Tripod

You can adjust the height of the legs through the intuitive TwistLock system. This allows you to loosen and tighten a leg section of the tripod in an instant. The rubber turning handles also make it possible to operate the legs with gloves on. You can also adjust the tilt angle of the carbon tripod legs in three angles: 23°, 55° and 85°. At the greatest tilt angle, the tripod legs lie almost flat on the ground. This allows you to reach the minimum working height of 19 cm. In addition, the tripod is equipped with rubber feet, which prevent the legs from sliding on slippery surfaces. The feet can be exchanged with the supplied spikes. The spikes give more grip on soft surfaces. With this Leofoto carbon tripod with ball head comes a water-repellent asymmetrical carrying bag for more comfort during transportation.

Professional LH-47 ball head

The professional LH-47 ball head rotates 360-degrees, tilts from portrait to landscape position and has a dual panning function. It also features a level and a universal 3/8″ tripod screw to which you can attach virtually any camera. The friction is adjustable via a convenient dial, which allows for more precise adjustment. The ball head has a diameter of 47mm and a panning base of 62mm. The height is 98 mm. This ball head comes with a QP-70N quick release plate and is Arca-Swiss Compatible. It can carry a whopping 22 pounds and weighs 625 grams itself.

Arca-Swiss compatible tripod plate

Thanks to the universal QP-70N Arca-Swiss quick-release plate, you quickly attach the camera to the Leofoto LH-47 ballhead. You unscrew the clamp, slide the 70mm quick release plate into the holder and screw the clamp back on. Of course, this quick release plate is also exchangeable with another universal Arca-Swiss compatible quick release plate. Also with a Leofoto L-plate the camera can be mounted on this head.

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