Manfrotto Frame Skylite Rapid 3m x 3m X LARGE Alum Frame collapsible


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The largest frame in the line, the Skylite Rapid 3x3m Extra-Large Frame from Manfrotto is a collapsible aluminium frame that sets up and breaks down easily. The frame is designed to support a wide variety of diffusion and reflective fabrics to control light quality on location or large sets. Optional diffusion silks in 0.75- and 1.25-stop densities are available to soften a light source or to tame the harshness of the midday sun. Reflective fabrics bounce light to fill in shadows while adding subtle color. The frame needs to be supported by two heavy-duty light stands, generally using Lastolite’s LL LA8446 Grip Head.

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Weight3.4 kg
Dimensions26 × 121 × 13 cm