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Built on a lightweight but rugged 1.1×1.1m aluminium frame, the Small Standard Skylite Rapid Kit with Rigid Case from Manfrotto offers two of the most popular fabrics in a creative system that includes several of them. The kit includes the collapsible, weather-resistant frame and a clip-on 1.25 stop diffuser that’s well-suited for overhead use to tame harsh sunlight or to be employed as you would a large softbox to render your light source soft and flattering with reduced contrast. Also included is a reversible silver/white fabric that features expeditious mounting like the diffuser. The silver side of the fabric reflects strong, bright light with snappy contrast and cool rendition of color and is ideal for long throw purposes. The white side offers a neutral color rendition with slightly soft reflectance that’s great for filling in shadows and subduing contrast. To store and transport the kit Manfrotto provides a rigid, vacuum-formed case with two inner compartments to secure the components of the kit.

Manfrotto Skylite Rapid Fabric Reflector (Silver/White, 1.1×1.1m)
A simple and versatile tool for bouncing and modifying light, this Skylite Rapid Fabric Reflector from Manfrotto is designed for use with the small, 3.6 x 3.6′ Skylite Rapid Frames. This dual-sided reflector features one silver side and one white side for producing distinct bounce effects: the silver side produces brilliant, specular, and neutral highlights and the white side offers a bright, clean surface for general use. The fabric quickly attaches and detaches from the frame using a clip-style connection.

Manfrotto Rigid Carrying Case for Skylite Rapid (40.6 x 7.5 x 5.5″)
Featuring tough, vacuum-formed construction covered in rugged synthetic material with robust webbed handles, the 40.6 x 7.5 x 5.5″ Rigid Carrying Case for Skylite Rapid is well-suited for storing and transporting frame kits, stands, and other grip gear into the field. Featuring zippered closure and two interior compartments, this size is a good fit for Skylite Rapid Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large Kits..


  • EVA vacuum formed construction creates a tough, rigid shape to protect contents
  • Large main compartment designed for Skylite frames and ideal for various lighting stands
  • Net and zipped compartment to prevent contents from falling out when opening
  • Webbing handles enable the case to be carried with one hand
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