Aputure Motorized F14 Fresnel


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Available on back-order

The F14 Fresnel is an electronic Aputure Mount Fresnel modifier with a large 14-inch (350mm) diameter lens and a motorized 18º-45º spot-flood adjustable beam angle range*. Designed for Aputure’s all-new high-output Aputure Mount point-source fixtures, the Electro Storm CS15 and Electro Storm XT26, the F14 Fresnel optimizes and amplifies the light output, providing smooth, remote adjustability and a beautiful light quality only achievable with large Fresnels.

Precision control on professional film sets is key. Utilizing the Aputure Mount and built-in motors, the motorized F14 Fresnel can smoothly and accurately transition from a narrow, focused throw to a wider flood light using the control knob and display screen on the side of the motorized modifier. And when rigged in hard-to-reach places, the beam angle can also be adjusted remotely via the Sidus Link app or DMX controls.

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Weight67.6 kg
Dimensions77.5 × 73.5 × 97 cm