Elinchrom THREE Off Camera Single Flash Kit


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Available on back-order

Elevate your image creation with Elinchrom’s versatile THREE Off Camera Flash Kit – packing a portable flash unit with straightforward features and reliable performance. The THREE runs on an internal battery, allowing you to fire up to 525 times at full power and get up to 11,250 flashes at minimum power. It offers 261Ws of capacity, TTL/HSS support, USB-C charging, and seamless control. Settings are indicated on the rear touchscreen and adjustable via buttons that are intuitive and quick to use. This kit includes a single flash unit, a diffusion dome, an EL-Profoto adapter, and a 65W USB-C wall charger. A convenient case is also provided for storage and transportation.

Compact, Versatile Off Camera Flash
The THREE was developed to help you illuminate and bring life to your images. It supports manual, TTL, and high-speed sync modes, offering flash durations from 1/255 to 1/1550 second. Besides these characteristics, Elinchrom manages to keep recycling times at 0.08-1.2 seconds to match your creative speed.

Uninterrupted Workflow
At only 3.6 lb, the compact and portable 261Ws THREE runs on an internal battery that offers 525 full-power flashes on a 100-minute charge. Plus, you have the ability to charge it from any USB-C source to continue shooting regardless of the battery’s power level.

Always Navigating Swiftly
• With a touchscreen interface and an easy-to-use menu, Elinchrom has streamlined the process of adjusting the THREE’s settings to ensure you never miss a chance to capture a moment.
• With the THREE’s built-in Bridge, you can easily control all the features of your THREE and other Elinchrom units directly from your smartphone or computer. The Studio app/software allows for seamless control and faster setups. Yet another feature is the built-in 20-channel receiver, that with purchase of a Skyport transmitter, can make adjustments at distances up to 656′ (outdoors).

Shape Your Story
Shaping light is at the heart of every great photo you create with the Elinchrom THREE. That’s why it utilizes an unconcealed flash tube for optimal light spread, ensuring you experience the light quality Elinchrom is known for.
• The flash’s LED modeling lamp is a 20W LED that can be set to on/off, free, proportional, or VFC.
• The lamp features CCT presets from 2700 to 6500K.
• The light outputs up to 3000 lumens with a CRI of 95.

With Your Choice of Light Modifiers

The THREE was designed to allow you to use your existing Elinchrom light shapers with it. The unit is also compatible with most Profoto bayonet modifiers.

EL-Profoto Adapter
• Utilizing an Elinchrom OCF modifier mount, the THREE also includes an EL-Profoto adapter, greatly expanding your selection of separately available light shaping tools.
• Choose between Elinchrom OCF, Profoto bayonet, and traditional Elinchrom light shapers.
• The flash’s tilt bracket also comes with a properly placed hole for an umbrella shaft.

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