Profoto Fresnel Small


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Available on back-order

Create cinematic lighting and interesting effects with your Profoto flash head and the Profoto Fresnel Small. This specialized accessory is supplied with a high-quality 200mm Fresnel lens to project a crisp, clean beam for selective lighting or sunlight effects. Optimized for both flat fronts and protruded heads, the Fresnel Small is compatible with any Profoto light. It can also work with great stability with the B10 series thanks to an optional stand adapter. The Fresnel Small’s projected beam is adjustable with its built-in iris control, so you can easily manage the light with accuracy and precision.

Effortless Cinematic Portraits
It doesn’t matter which Profoto flash head you are using, if flat fronts or protruded heads, the Fresnel Small facilitates effortless, classic cinematic portraits. By simply mounting it onto your Profoto flash head, you’ll be ready to shoot and meet your exact vision.

Light-Shaping Accuracy
The iris offers great versatility and smooth adjustability, so users can quickly change the beam’s diameter for dramatic effects. It enables the light to be focused in a tighter circle, throwing a single beam over long distances or sharp contrasts. With just one lever, it gives you complete control over the beam of light.

Other Benefits
• Expands your light-shaping possibilities
• Medium-sized Fresnel lens
• Robust engineering and vented housing withstand everyday use
• Optional stand adapter

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