Profoto Softlight Kit: Softlight white, 25 deg Grid diffuser & Carry Case (NEW)


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Since the D2 is their most popular light and the Soft Reflector is one of the most popular accessories for the acclaimed D2 flash head, Profoto has created the Softlight Reflector Kit with accessories to make it easy to use and transport the reflector. The kit includes a 20.5″ white Softlight Reflector, a slip-over diffuser, and a 25° grid for selective lighting. Also included in the kit is what photographers always want to take the reflector on the road – a padded fabric case that holds it all.

Profoto White Softlight Beauty Dish Reflector (53cm)

The 20.5″ Profoto White Softlight Beauty Dish Reflector is designed to give a wide, uniform, and softlight as well as shadow definition when mounted to a Profoto flash head. The gradual fall-off makes it perfect for close-up beauty photography.

The center disc that blocks out the direct light can be replaced by a semi-opaque opal glass disc to create a center hot spot which also eliminates a donut-hole effect in specular highlights.
Each reflector can be supplemented by a honeycomb grid to create soft, toned-down edge-lighting.
The Softlight Grid accessory yields 10° coverage for more directed light.
Profoto 1/3 Stop Diffuser

This Profoto 1/3 Stop Diffuser fits onto the Profoto 53cm Softlight Reflector and softens the light output, while reducing it by 1/3 stop.

Profoto Honeycomb Grid, 25 Degrees, for Softlight Reflector

This grid narrows the beam of light from the Profoto Softlight Reflector. It provides a beam spread of 25°.

Grids are essential accessories for any lighting system. These devices alter the shape and intensity of the light output from your flash heads. Use of a grid will result in a small circle of light, when it is attached to the front of your light source. The size of the circle of light will be determined by the density of the honeycomb, it’s thickness, and the distance of the subject.

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