Nanlite BT-V-14.8V160 14.8V 160Wh V-Mount battery


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Available on back-order

Battery Power for your LED lights

The Nanlite BT-V-14.8V160 lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 160Wh, it is rechargeable with no memory effect, and it delivers up to 12A of continuous power.

The battery can be charged with the Nanlite 14.8V battery charger or any other 14.8V V-Mount battery charger.


14.8V lithium-ion V-mount battery
160Wh capacity
Maximum 12A current
Includes a LED charge level indicator
Includes a D-Tap port for charging and powering lights
Includes a USB-A port to charge your phone or other USB powered devices
Compatible with Nanlite BT-CGV-14.8V-1 battery charger (sold separately) buy HERE

Battery Runtime

The Nanlite BT-V-14.8V160 V-Mount battery will provide 3 hours of runtime at full power for a Nanlite Mixpanel 60, or a Forza 60, or Forza 60B. A pair of these will provide 64 minutes runtime on a Forza 300 or 300B.

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