Nanlite Mixpad 11C Series II RGB on-camera LED light with NPF Battery and Charger


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All the colours of the rainbow in a small but powerful on-camera LED light
The Nanlite Mixpad 11C Series II LED panels offer a soft, diffused light mode, and a high-power long-throw mode to throw the light a good distance. Being an RGB on-camera light offers you the ability to control the precise colour and power output you are after. In addition to that, the Mixpad II 11 are super slim and compact with a diffused front panel that takes up the whole front surface for maximum softness in the smallest space.

The Mixpad II 11C has a rear adjustment dial to to control colour temperature between 6500K cool white, adjustable to 2700K warm white.

The Nanlite Mixpad II 11C also has an RGB mode that enables its red, green, and blue SMD LEDs to select from 360 different hues and 100 levels of saturation to generate 36,000 different colours. 

The Mixpad II 11C can also be controlled remotely using the Nanlink WS-RC-C1 remote.

This unit is great for Photographers and Videographers with its ability to be used in many different situations such as Portraits, Interviews, Events and more.

Unit Includes:

1 x Mixpad 11C Series II LED Panel
1 x NPF Battery Charger 
1 x NP-F550 Battery
1 x Australian mains power supply

LED total power: 13W
CRI: 95
G/M colour trim in Hard Light mode
Input Voltage: DC7.2V – 15V
CCT Mode Colour Temperature: 2700K – 6600K
Firmware upgradeable via USB
Dimensions 165 x 165 x 35mm
Weight 340g

Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions0.17 × 0.06 × 0.22 cm