Nanlite 90cm Easy Up Parabolic softbox for Forza and FS lights


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$313.09 inc GST

Available on back-order

Diffuse your light with the parabolic softbox to fit Forza 200/300/500

The 90cm Easy Up makes it faster to set up and pack up your softbox. The 90cm Easy Up parabolic softbox offers a quality diffused light that will enhance videos, photos etc. features an outer diffusion material and an optional grid to control light spill and give more direction. This Easy up softbox uses industry standard Bowens mount to connect to the Forza 300/500.

Note: The Forza 60 LED light uses a specific micro mount which is NOT compatible with the standard Bowens mount on this softbox.

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Weight1.6 kg
Dimensions0.2 × 0.1 × 0.79 cm