Nanlite SB-CP200-R Round Softbox for Compac 200 and 200B


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Increase the size and softness of the Compac200 and 200B light panel

the Nanlite SB-CP200-R creates a larger light source from the Compac 200 and 200B LED panels. The round softbox softens the light output and provides more flattering shadows, especially for newborn, glamour, portraiture, and beauty shoots.

The softbox pops open with a twist of the wrist to add directionality while maintaining a soft, even light quality. Plus, the round shape creates natural-looking catchlights in your subjects' eye.

The Nanlite SB-CP200-R softbox is designed to specifically fit the Compac 200 and Compac 200B LED light panels.


94.8 x 86.0 x 15.8cm

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