Jinbei 50CM Soft Ball Diffuser with Bowens mount


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Available on back-order


Jinbei Huge 50cm SOFTBALL Ivory White  light modifier.  This is a fantastic soft light modifier that is useful for many purposes. This light has the maximum effect in emulating the sun, its a great natural looking light that has a great direct softness as well as some reflected light off other sufaces in a room. The end result is very pleasing and with direct and reflected light creates a unique and very soft light. Great for Portraits, interviews, general room lighting.

This diffuser is also available in a more portable 30cm softball size.

This diffuser uses the industry standard Bowens S Mount, so it is compatible with all Jinbei lights and many other brands. 


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Weight8.085 kg
Dimensions22 × 70 × 21 cm