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Umbrellas are very popular with all types of photographers from beginers all the way to professionals. Umbrellas are affordable, easy to work with and very easy to transport. The Xlite Jumbo Black / White Umbrella is remarkably reliable and sturdy for their size and lightweight. The fabrics have been made to provide a superior quality of light over years of heavy-duty use. The Xlite Jumbo Series is available in three fabrics: White, Silver and Translucent. The white versions create an even, diffused light with soft shadows, and the closer the umbrella is placed to the subject, the softer the shadows will be.

• Lightweight and portable.
• Very easy to use.
• Heat resistant, high-quality fabrics.
• Optional diffusor available for a softer, more even light spread.
• Delivered with a bag that protects the umbrella during storage and transport.

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Dimensions9 × 120 × 8 cm