Kupo KCP-601 9 (23cm) Super Viser Clamp with Hex Receiver


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Quickly mount a light fixture in a hard-to-reach location

The Kupo KCP-601 9″ Super Viser Clamp is a heavy-duty, strong and versatile clamp that can mount securely on almost any surface. Perfect for mounting large lighting fixtures like Forza 500 LED lights, or high power studio flash heads on location, or in unique positions, the KCP-601 9″ Super Viser Clamp is an essential addition to your kit. The Super Viser will clamp securely to round or square objects, like lighting stands, street sign poles, tabletops or door frames. The specially formulated grip pads on the jaws of the Super Viser provide a stong grip while also protecting the surface that it's clamped onto. 
The mounting versatility of the KCP-601 Super Viser Clamp comes from the unique desgin of the jaws. One jaw is fixed, while the other moves up and down the long thread as needed. The groove within the thread keeps the jaws aligned with one another as they open and close. This means that the Super Viser can be used in applications where minimal space is available and allows for a quick, no fuss set up.

The 9″ Super Viser clamp can be mounted on objects between 13mm and 205mm, so it's got you covered in almost any application. Another innovative feature of the Super Viser is the hexagonal receiver that is compatible with the full range of Kupo Convi Clamp accessories. It's just another thing that means when you buy a Kupo product, you're buying a solution that you'll use for years to come. The 9” Super Viser Clamp from Kupo is rated to a whopping 30kg so you can mount your valuable gear with confidence. 
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Length:  365.1 mm
Width:  108 mm
Height:  97.5 mm
Weight:  860g
Primary Material:  Steel
Secondary Material:  Aluminum
Minimum Jaw Diameter:  12.7 mm
Maximum Jaw Diameter:  206.38 mm

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Dimensions0.13 × 0.06 × 0.41 cm