CaptureONE v8 – The Not Quite Basics

$69.00 inc GST

This 3-hour seminar is for users new to CaptureONE 8 or users needing a refresher.

The ‘Not Quite Basic’ course is a detailed introduction that will enable you to get started with CaptureONE straight away. We’ll start in the Library Tool Tab then move on to Tethered Capture Setup and Importing.  We will then cover basic images adjustments – how to customise your image and fine-tune your personal workflow. Lastly, we discuss the variety of output options to create your final TIFF and JPEG images.

Topics Covered include:
Catalogs, Sessions, Albums, Favourites, System Folders, Workspaces, Next Capture Naming, Next Capture Adjustments, Importing, Camera Controls, Base Characteristics, White Balance, Exposure, Crop, Rotation, Overlay, Focus, Sharpening, Output, Batch Queue, Composition Mode, Rating, Colour Tag, Keyboard Shortcuts, Exposure Warning, Watermark, Manual Sorting.

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