Accsoon Toprig S60 Motorised Slider


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Available on back-order

Intuitive and easy to use

The Accsoon Toprig S60 motorised slider makes adding motion to your footage an easy task.

Precision in Motion

Suitable for either telephoto or macro probe lenses

Speed Control Made Simple

An intuitive control knob that allows speed control from 0.1cm/s to 5cm/s

Great Power

Various models of micro-single and light movie cameras can be supported at maximum bear load 2.5kg vertically and 4kg horizontally.

Built-in Panel Button Control

Noise Free

TOPRIG S40/S60 is equipped with a high quality brushless motor which features powerful yet precise control and operates without noise.

Smooth Start/Stop

Smooth Start/Stop to ensure a complete stable video footage

NP-F Battery or DC Power

Low power consumption & longer working hours

S60 can run at least 60 hours horizontally with a single NP-F550 battery (3200MAH)

Multi-angle Movement

New guide wheel tensioning design ensures continuous work and meets a variety of shooting patterns

Light and Compact


Rated Voltage7.4-16.8V
Max.Horizontal Load4.0kg
Max.Vertical Load2.5kg
Max.Operating Speed5cm/s
Stationary Object Tracking
Panoramic Angle
Max.Travel Distance425mm
Power SupplyDC 9-16.8V NP-F Battery
Power Consumption0.5w
Dimensions610mm × 106mm × 71.3mm
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Weight3 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 60 cm