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This 2.4 GHz Forevala W60 Wireless Microphone System from SmallRig transmits high-quality audio with low-latency up to 328′. Two clip-on transmitters and one receiver are included in the system. Built-in omnidirectional condenser microphones capture audio in either mono or stereo modes and feature a low-cut function that eliminates low-frequency noises below 200 Hz. The gain of each transmitter can be independently adjusted using dials at the top of the receiver. A 3.5mm output on the receiver connects to your recording device of choice.

Each transmitter features a 3.5mm input for separately available lavalier microphones. Both the transmitters and the receiver feature LCD screens, which display the power status, signal, and volume of each device. Built-in lithium rechargeable batteries can perform up to 8 hours on a single charge and can recharge quickly, the transmitter in one hour and receiver in 1.5 hours. The devices have smart-pairing capabilities for a plug-and-play configuration.

Features at a Glance
• Dual-channel, low-latency wireless audio transmission up to 328.1′
• Long battery life up to 8 hours with a single charge
• Omnidirectional condenser microphones for high-quality recording
• Switch between mono and stereo recording
• Low-cut function eliminates low-frequency noise below 200 Hz
• Gain adjustment for input and output volume of both transmitters, independently adjustable
• One 3.5mm input per transmitter for separately available lavalier microphone
• One 3.5mm headphone jack on receiver to monitor audio
• One 3.5mm output on receiver to deliver audio to recording device
• Three LCD displays show power, signal, volume, and low-cut function
• Plug and play smart pairing
• Includes two furry windscreens
• TRS and TRRS adapter cables

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