SmallRig RA-S280 Air-Cushioned Light Stand 3736


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Lightweight and sturdy, with the added bonus of using pneumatic pressure to help counter the weight of your light when making height adjustments, the SmallRig RA-S280 Air-Cushioned Light Stand helps prevent collapsing stands and smashed fingers that can happen when loosening the stand height locks to make adjustments with a mounted light. The stand has a 5/8″ mounting pin for lights with a standard baby pin receiver, as well as a 1/4″-20 threaded screw for additional mounting options.

Made from lightweight yet strong aluminum and using iron spreader bars on the legs, the stand is portable and easy to use. Folding down to 37″ for transport and storage, the stand has a height range of 37 to 110″ in use, and it has a footprint of nearly 4′, providing a wide base and stable platform. The stand’s nylon footpads are anti-slip and wear resistant, protecting delicate surfaces and extending the usable life of the stand.

Air Cushioned
Protects equipment and fingers from damage

Compact Design
Will fit easily into most location cases

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