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Capture smooth, dramatic action shots from a moving vehicle with the Hydra Alien Car Mounting System from Tilta. The car mounting system is designed to mount your camera rig onto a car or moving vehicle and provide support and stabilization to capture smooth action shots. It mounts with a tripod suction system and features modular dovetail mounting plates and supports to create high- or low-angle shots at a variety of angles. It features shock absorption and damping, and its mounting plate can support an additional shock-absorbing head or arm for additional stabilization and motion. It also features a power supply to power a separately available gimbal system such as the DJI RS 3, RS 3 Pro, or RS 2, while mounted.

The full system consists of four dovetail mounting plates, a dovetail connector plate, two small suction cups, one large suction cup, a shock-absorbing arm with damping pole, a shock-absorbing head, a power supply baseplate for the DJI RS 3/RS 3 Pro/RS 2, a dual V-mount battery plate with support bracket, a set of eight 7.8 oz counterweights, ten suction cup cable clamps, a safety belt, a tool kit, and a waterproof hard-shell case to store and carry it all.

Suction Cup Mounts
Ensures a strong and secure hold on smooth surfaces of moving vehicles and allows flexible positioning of the camera

Quick and Easy to Set Up
Four adjustable dovetail plates can be easily linked with each other to provide the appropriate shooting position

Shock-Absorbing Mount
A shock-absorbing arm, 90° adapter, and head are included to minimize shake and can be used to mount an optional shock-absorbing arm or head

Cable Management
Ten suction cups are included to secure your camera rig cabling

A set of eight counterweights weighing 7.8 oz each are included to offset your rig’s weight depending on your

Battery Power Plate
Dual V-mount battery plates are mounted using a dual-support plate to power a gimbal such as a DJI RS 3, RS 3 Pro, or RS 2

Rugged and Sturdy Construction
Components are constructed from professional-grade, high-quality aluminum and stainless steel to ensure durability

Safety Belt
The safety belt protects components from slipping

High-Quality Mounting Kit
Tool kit and hard-shell case included to mount and store your Hydra Alien

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