ACMP is bringing Guy Gowan to Perth

On November 19th at Team Digital

Work Smart Think Different – The Guy Gowan Approach

Guy Gowan is recognised worldwide as a leading authority on Digital Retouching and has manipulated images since the first digital scanning devices were developed. He has amassed a wealth of experience during his 25 years working at the cutting edge of technology in the Creative industry. Guy is valued for his unique vision as both an independent and appointed (Apple, Adobe, Wacom, Xrite) consultant.

Guy’s skill and breadth of knowledge embraces the full creative spectrum- so if you are a commercial photographer, graphic designer or work with new media his seminars are a vital must see. Guy’s very practical, unique approach and relaxed style of delivery is tickled by a wicked sense of humour which makes the learning experience at his seminars memorable and highly enjoyable.

The ACMP are delighted to offer this unique and valuable seminar with Guy which will open your mind to the joy of working with technology not being a slave to it. Guy will teach you how you can Work Smart and Think Different which will impact your workflow,free up your creativity and dramatically increase your image quality.

Contact Ben for full details