Shades with iMac

Apple iMac users have suffered for some time in regards calibrating there lcd screens. Well now we can make your life that little bit better.We recently heard about Shades from our good friend Les Walkling. After testing the software, weve got to say it works and work well. While the screens are not the same standard as our graphic monitors like EIZO range,but now does make iMacs workable in a colour workflow.
Shades works by enabling us to set a lower brightness range on the iMacs. Now we can see a much better representation of an image on the Apple iMac screens. If you have any question re the process of calibrating using shades please contact us.

And if want to try the software for yourself checkout the link below

It is a freeware program but if you do like it, please send the guys at Charcoal a few bucks it more than worth it.