EPSON PLUS, What is it ?

Epson Plus is a support initiative offered by Team Digital to assist customers achieve high quality output from their Epson printers without the frustrations normally associated with the €œTrial and Error € approach.
A key element of Epson Plus is Teamviewer, a sophisticated level of remote support that allows us to view your computer remotely for the purpose of loading software, adjusting colour settings, diagnosing problems and providing on-line printing tips. Simply put it is the highest level of remote printing support available in WA and is like taking your own technical support staff home with you. As part of Epson Plus, Team Digital supplies profiles for most of the popular media we stock and customers gain access to our regular seminars and workshops which for convenience are normally run after hours. Under Digital Plus customers also enjoy discounts on a range of printer inks and media. Talk to us today and discover the Team Digital difference when it comes to printer support.