DSLR Video tips by Michael Fletcher Part B


This is one of the most important settings. There are a number of ideas for the best settings to use so it is a matter of working out what you prefer by testing different settings. One setting for one condition may not suit another.

The idea is to capture as much information from the initial footage from the camera so it can be used for better results in the post production stage of your editing. This will result in a flat looking un-saturated image, which looks unappealing but will have more detail in the shadows and highlights. This image will allow a better end result in post production.

Select Picture Style

Select User Def. 1

Press INFO button on camera

Change Picture Style to Neutral

Scroll down to Sharpness — Use Setting from 0 to 2 (Reduces artefacts)

Scroll down to Contrast — Set to range of 3 to 4 stops to left of 0 point

Scroll down to Saturation — Set to range of 2 to 3 stops to left of 0 point

Color Tone leave as is — 0

So It looks like this

The results were extremely interesting