Three simple questions. ???

* Have you ever had a hard drive fail?

* Have you ever lost data that you thought was safely backed up on an external Hard


* Do you have data that you just cannot afford to lose?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then maybe you should give serious thought to installing a Drobo storage solution.

Team Digital have Drobo units available for a €œTry Before You Buy € trial in your home or place of business. You simply select an appropriate unit from the Drobo range and we will do the rest. Install the required number of hard drives, set it up on your computer onsite and leave it with you to use for 10 days. If you decide not to keep it then no problem, we will collect it no questions asked.


* Drobo – 4 Drive, single redundancy with firewire 800 / USB 2.0.

* Drobo FS– 5 Drive, single or dual drive redundancy with ethernet connect ability.

* Drobo S – middle of the range 5 Drive, single or dual drive redundancy with eSata

* Firewire 800 and USB 2.0 connection points.

The Drobo range then goes into a pair of 8 bay devices:

* DroboPro – is capable of single or Dual Disk redundancy, iSCSI, Firewire 800 and

USB 2.0 interfaces and can be desk or rack mounted.

* DroboElite – utilises dual iSCSI for high performance data transfer onto its upto 8

internal hard drives. It also offers dual disk redundancy.

Contact Team Digital today and join the hundreds of relaxed Drobo users who have piece of mind when it comes to the security of their valuable images.