Just annouced the new Phase One IQ series

Great news keep the 7th of Feb free

It isnt just a new 80 Megapixel back from Phase One. It is completely new design of the series of IQ backs. There are three new IQ backs, the Phase One IQ180, IQ160 and IQ140 with maximum resolutions of 80, 60.5 and 40MP respectively. This range will be in addition to the existing P+ series.

The new series feature

Large Hi-Res Touch Screen : one of the best new features is the large (3.2″) 1.15 Megapixel retina style touch screen . It has 290 ppi, 16 million colors, and a 170 º viewing angle.The screen with advanced touch controls, including zooming, swiping, and similar touch screen controls.

Focus Mask : No need to zoom anymore to validate your focus. The IQ series backs are designed to display a colored semi-transparent mask on top of the preview to show which parts of the image are in focus. It’s extremely useful to validate depth-of-field and get instant feedback about whether a shot is perfectly focused or not.

Firewire 800 / USB3, and Sensor Plus : In addition to the familiar Firewire 800 connector the IQ backs are the first cameras that I’m aware of to feature USB 3 as well. The back has a built-in charger that charges the battery continuously whenever the back is connected to a computer via either FireWire 800 or USB (including USB 3). Folks who do long shoots in tethered mode, such as fashion and product photographers, no longer have to worry about battery replacement during a shoot.

Fastest untethered capture :The IQ180 digital back has memory card interface capable of moving data faster than any current memory cards can deliver. In practice this means that with the fastest CompactFlash cards you can continue to capture images until your card is full without experiencing any slowdown in performance.

Service & support : You can choose various service levels for the IQ series digital backs, e.g. a value-added option which includes a life-time (5 year) warranty, a free loaner unit during repair and other options. Phase One offers 365 days round the clock support delivered on-line and backed up by dedicated partners and a global support team.

Watch the Video

Team Digital is hoping to have one of these back for demonstration mid February. If you want to more information on pricing , upgrade paths or just to book a demo for Feb contact Trevor 08 93283377