Hoya HD, are your filters effecting your image quality

€œFilters aint filters, €. We spend serious money on good quality lenses so why would you go and degrade their performance by attaching a cheap filter? The Hoya HD series may not be the cheapest filters on the market but they are in our humble opinion the best. Specialized coatings are applied so that they are not just water-proofed to repel water spots but also hardened to be scratch and stain resistant. Optically these filters are unbeatable.

Here’s the proof both these images were shot with UV filters at exactly the same exposure and at the same time. The top image was shot with average cost UV filter the bottom image was using the Hoya HD UV filter. Which one do you prefer ?

Good quality filters are expensive , so that why Hoya and Team Digital have put together this promotion to get you out of current filters into the new Hoya HD maximizing you lens quality, from now to the 15th March you can get 25% off rrp on the complete range of Hoya HD filters