Fuji X-100 launch night

With much fanfare we had the official launch of the Fuji X-100 on Wednesday night. Some 85 people attended to see exactly what this baby could do and none were disappointed.

The night started with a presentation of Brad Rimmer’s images which were simply amazing. Brad spoke about his love for photography and gave us some insight into how his many books have come about. Brad was extremely excited about the possibilities of Fuji X-100.

Then Christian Fletcher made his presentation in Christians style entertaining, revealing and passionate. He spoke of how much freedom the camera gave him, saying it never leaves his side. He presented images shot with the X-100 from Melbourne to Karajini to the Great South West, it was incredible to think that images of that quality could come from what is a compact camera. Christian also had a number of prints ( Printed on FujiFlex media ) on display as well which are now on display at Team Digital.

We then had a presentation from Justin from Fuji going through a little of the technical side of the camera, supply and getting suggestions from the crowd. There was some interesting suggestions to say the least , but by far the best suggestion was from Mark ( Mr True North ) how about a underwater housing. The crew from Fuji were very interested in looking at this further lets hope that something come of it.

The rest of night was spent giving everyone a chance to have a play with the cameras. When we first saw this camera announced early last year we wondered whether the camera could live up to the hype we can safely say it not only lived up to it, it exceeds it.

Watch the launch night video

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