Grafilite is coming to WA

Team Digital is testing a great new product The Grafilite Natural Lighting System.

After spending a day working with the system we can safely say this is a great low cost, compact solution for print assessment. We will have through soon hopefully a slightly larger system Grafilite Mode to test. Stocks of the Grafilite should be in within the next few weeks.

Assessing a print under artificial light and in the wrong ambient conditions can cause you to see the colours in the image incorrectly. Illumination temperature ( °k) and quality (CRI) affect the actual colour you see. This can range from a neutral grey or skin tone looking warmer or cooler under different lighting, to a pair of colours appearing identical under one illumination and considerably different to each other under another.

This phenomenon is knows as metamerism. Even in everyday life we can see the problems metamerism causes; for example, a pair of items appearing to match under shop lighting, but not when viewed in daylight. Daylight is evenly balanced across the visual spectrum, meaning it has equal levels of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet €˜energy’. Artificial light does not have this; therefore colours are rendered more accurately in daylight.

Working near a window during daylight hours is one way to make sure you are assessing colours in the appropriate light. But what happens when it gets dark? Your source of natural light is gone, and once again you are faced with potential inaccuracy and inconsistency of colour. GrafiLite provides a convenient, portable source of simulated daylight, meaning you can benefit from daylight conditions anywhere at any time.

Remember, it is not just lighting conditions that can affect the appearance of colours; surrounding colours can affect your judgement too. With this in mind, the GrafiLite has been designed with a non-distractive, neutral grey lamp surround. Each GrafiLite is also supplied with a neutral viewing mat, providing a surface which will not affect the appearance of colours — meaning the colour of your desktop will not prejudice image assessment.

The GrafiLite uses a 13W fluorescent tube that has been designed to produce a high quality daylight balanced light ( 5600K ).

The ‘TrueColor’ 13W bulb has the equivalent light output of a 60W tungsten light bulb.The tubes have an estimated 10,000 hour life.

These systems are not designed to replace equipment like GTI viewing booths which Team Digital sells. More to offer a low cost solution to people wanting more consistent control over there printing and print assessment.

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