The Evolution of the Photographer – with Tony Hewitt

Our good friend Tony Hewitt is running a very exciting Masterclass at Rottnest . Check out the details below






The Masterclass is scheduled for Sat 18th & Sun 19th June 2011, when we can experience the absence of the larger summer crowds and the different weather patterns of the island’s winter season.


  • Seeing through the eyes of a Grand Master Photographer as he reveals images that others might miss
  • Continuing the evolution of €œYou € the photographer
  • Discovering the similarities of thought between the artist and the photographer as each prepares to create a painting or an image
  • Learn from a distinguished West Australian artist as she reveals the part her €œinner eye € plays in the process of exploring light, environment, seascapes, landscapes, heritage architecture, flora and fauna of the island as subject matters for her art
  • Looking over the shoulder of the artist as she explains how her diversity of approach and subtle handling of her subject matter through the medium of water colour, draw inspiration from the many moods of the fragile nature of the Australian landscape about which she is passionate; the similarities with the photography of nature will astound you
  • Develop your own €œArtist’s Eye € and learn to photograph in your mind’s eye first
  • Strengthening the connection between unbridled imagination, child-like curiosity, self-confidence and capture (or discerning when not to press the shutter)
  • Exploring the simplicity of good composition and seeking and finding the elusive veil in which great photographs come cloaked, whether they be portraits, landscapes, seascapes or other
  • Looking over the shoulder of a Grand Master Photographer as he €œpaints with pixels € to produce award winning fine art photography
  • Enter the wonderful wide world of panoramic photography using simple stitching techniques to create your own stunning seascapes of the best bays on the island
  • Participate in sunrise and sunset shoots as we discover the unique beauty and moods of Rottnest

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