APPA 2011

Conducted by some of Australia’s most recognised photographers, judging for the awards took place over the past three days at the industry’s annual PMA Australia show. Each of the thousands of images entered is critiqued in detail by the esteemed judging panel.

€˜The interest in the Canon AIPP APPAs continues to grow each year,’ says AIPP Executive Officer, Mr Peter Myers. €˜Again, the awards have received a record number of entries from photographers from around the country. This year more than 850 photographers submitted over 3,000 images in the competitive awards.’

2011 saw the addition of four new categories to the awards: advertising, fashion, architectural and fusion.

€˜As the photographic landscape changes, we need to modify the categories to accommodate the volumes of work we are seeing in other areas,’ says APPAs Chairman and Judge, Peter Eastway.

€˜The fact that photographers are embracing the video capabilities of their equipment saw the introduction of the new fusion photography category,’ continued Mr Eastway.

In their 35th year, the Canon AIPP APPAs attract a prize pool of more than $60,000 in cash and prizes including the grand prize — $20,000 worth of Canon EOS professional digital camera equipment.

€˜To win the Canon AIPP APPAs is the highest accolade in Australian professional photography,’ says Taz Nakamasu, Managing Director, Canon Australia. €˜Creative photography is growing strongly in Australia, with 65% more images taken in the past four years alone. It is the professionals who lead the way through their inspiration, passion and dedication to pushing the boundaries of their craft.’

The Canon AIPP APPAs are a celebration of photographic excellence and represent the pinnacle of Australian professional photography — also some of the best in the world.

Winners from WA for the 2011 Canon AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards are:

2011 AIPP Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year — Christian Fletcher, Dunsborough (WA)

2011 AIPP Australian Science Environment & Nature Photographer of the Year — Chris Barry, Sorrento (WA)

2011 AIPP Australian Illustrative Photographer of the Year — James Simmons, Fremantle (WA)

2011 AIPP Fusion Award — Christian Fletcher, Dunsborough (WA)

2011 Highest Scoring Print Award — James Simmons, Fremantle (WA)

2011 Athol Shmith Award — James Simmons, Fremantle (WA)