Travelling Light Seminar

Travelling Light Seminar

Fremantle School of Photography has been created by Master Photographers and educators Nick Melidonis and Dale Neill who have for over a decade, been providing quality photography training courses and workshops for Pro and enthusiast photographers in Perth.


Pro Travel Photographers Reveal Their Secrets
Sunday October 16th , 10.00 am — 5.00 pm
Notre Dame University, Fremantle

The kit; the style; the approach; the destination; getting there; proper etiquette; workflow; the light; travelling alone; flash; storage; back-up; the story; safety and security; do you ask permission?; which camera; which lens; which tripod; camera repairs in the field; good light-bad light; earthquakes, tsunamis, riots and other disasters —PHEW!!!!

Ever wonder how pro travel photographers come back with stunning landscape, nature and travel portrait images time and time again? Spend a day with two of Perth’s most travelled Master photographers and educators while they reveal the secrets to their approach, techniques, photo kits, work flow and preparation to produce their powerful and saleable images. Dale and Nick have been travelling the world for over two decades in search of emotive images from some of the world’s most scenic and wild locations. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn and be inspired by two of the best image makers in the business.

Cost for the seminar: $195 incl. morning and afternoon teas (lunch not included).

Previous Fremantle School of Photography participants, an extra $10 off enrolment cost

Enrollments: Sue McLeod
Phone : +61 (0)427 648 502