It's official: Canon C300 Video — WOW!

Canon EOS C300 Announced

We spent the morning watching a very exciting launch: the Canon New Cinema EOS system. Whilst we have seen a lot of launches in recent years, this could be the most significant to date, insofar as it’s not just an update on their (very successful) EOS camera brand, but the development of a whole new market for the Canon EOS system brand.

Whilst this hasn’t been confirmed by Canon Australia yet, we believe that the new system will be available in Australia in January 2012. Pricing has not been confirmed yet.

Included in the launch of the EOS C300 Video Camera are a number of new lenses, including:

  • CN 24mm
  • CN 50mm
  • CN 85mm
  • CN 14.55-60mm
  • CN 30-300mm

Specifications include:

  • Canon Super 35 Sized CMOS Sensor
  • 9.84-megapixel sensor (8.29-megapixel effective)
  • 4K Resolution
  • Frame rates of 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, and 50fps
  • ISO 320 to 20,000
  • Two lens mount options Canon EF and PL Mount
  • Dual CF Card slots that can 160min of footage on a 64Gb card.

Stay tuned for more information!