Studio Lighting Fast-Track Workshop

Studio Lighting Fast-Track Workshop

Date: 31 January, 2012 (Tuesday) 6.00pm to 9.00pm

Dont forget that if you purchase an Elinchrom studio lighting kit from Team Digital and receive a 50% discount on this workshop. Pay only $75.

Do you own studio lights (flashes), but are not sure how to get the most out of them? Are you struggling with getting the right exposure when using your studio lights?

Studio Photography Fasttrack is a hands-on workshop that will show you how to use studio lights effectively and creatively. With an emphasis on studio portraiture, this three-hour workshop will give you the skills to:

Set up studio lights

Use the flash meter to obtain an exposure reading

Expose for studio lighting

Create key and accent/fill lighting

Set up lights when photographing groups

Apply subject to background lighting ratios

Select and use lighting modifiers

Use Loop, Rembrandt, long and short lighting for creative effects.

This workshop includes shooting with a model, and the opportunity to try out the range of Elinchrom studio lights, modifiers and stands at Team Digital.

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