Apple TV tops list

Apple TV tops list of connected set-top boxes

Astonishingly Apple tops the list of suppliers of internet connected set-top boxes. Of the 12m expected to ship in Calendar 2011 Apple will have shipped about one quarter.

A lot of entertainment. In a very little box.

With Apple TV, everything you want to watch €” movies, photo slideshows and more €” plays wirelessly on your widescreen TV. No managing storage. No syncing to your iTunes library. HD movies play over the Internet on your HDTV, and music and photos stream from your computer. All you have to do is click and watch.

With iCloud, you can browse and listen to your previously purchased music.3 And with Photo Stream, your photos update automatically €” no syncing, no sending.

Why not come in to Team Digital and ask what the fuss is all about this little black box?