Special event Ken Duncan workshop in WA

We are very lucky to have one of Australia most iconic landscape photographer coming to WA for a full day workshop.

Saturday the 8th September

Ken Duncan’s new Photography Explained workshop will cover everything from taking the photo to post production and equip you with skills and techniques to take better photos right away.

In this one-day workshop you will discover that you don’t need loads of expensive equipment to take beautiful photos. Putting the WOW factor into your own images is quite simple when you understand more about:

  • Composition and perspective
  • The use of light
  • The best equipment for your specific needs
  • Which camera settings to use
  • How to make use of the latest technologies
  • Printing and displaying your photos
  • Preserving your precious memories for the future
  • Simple, effective work flows to organise your images

This promises to be a great day, whether you are a keen beginner or a more advanced photographer, after this informative workshop you will never look through the viewfinder the same way again.

Also if you enter in the Team Digital code ( DIGITAL ) when you book, you can get a 10% discount.

For more details or to book click here