Wacom announce the Cintiq 24HD Ultimate (Touch)

We have a confession to make its not called the Ultimate its actually called the Touch, which we thought was missing something so we are calling it the Ultimate. Because this the most advanced complete display tablet Wacom have ever made.

It adds onto the very successful 24HD which is still part of the range. The Ultimate is an addition to the current range which also boasts the 22HD. Where have the improvements been made in the 24HD Ultimate.

The screen is a new IPS panel, which boasts an Adobe RGB coverage of 97% pretty impressive, improved brightness and contrast ratios . While the resolution stays the same at 1920 x 1200, at a ratio 16:10. We can now display over a billion colours via the display port. As to how calibratable the display is, we would reserve our opinion until we can get our colour geeks to test it fully.

Then there is the Touch side of things. Multi-touch functionality gives you the freedom to quickly position and navigate your images or drawings with natural, intuitive gestures right on the screen. If you have experienced the Intuos 5 Touch then you will understand what productivity benefits and creativity benefits the touch function allows us.

Just when we thought Wacom couldn’t make any improvements on the ergonomics side of the Cintiq. The counter weight has changed making it possible to achieve all of the positions of the 24HD, but now in addition you can even position the display to overhang the edge of your desk, allowing it to float just above your knees.

Well I think that about covers it . Taking into account all the improvements we think the title of the “Ultimate ” is very fitting. We will have our demo unit in shortly so you can come in and have a play.

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