Joe McNally TriGrip

The Joe McNally 90cm TriGrip system features a 2-stop diffuser panel, a TriFlip reflector sleeve and a window mask sleeve. The reflector sleeve simply slides over the diffuser panel to create a bounce reflector and offers four different surfaces – Silver/Sunfire and Sunlite/Soft Silver. The second sleeve is all black with a 54cm x 38cm (21″ x 15″) cut out window opening which reveals the diffuser panel underneath, creating a rectangular shoot through panel for battery operated flashguns. Also included with this sleeve are two additional black panels which Joe uses to alter the size and shape of the window so he can control how much and where the light falls on the subject.

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This is what Seng Mah from Venture thought of Joes Trigrip

Two words: Love It! The Joe McNally TriGrip is very user friendly as a reflector — easy to handle, easy to control and very portable. The fact that the removable black panels can also be used to turn the diffuser panels into a makeshift soft box of various dimensions is a great value-add.

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